Here’s a little bit about our intake process and how we treat!

Our approach might be a little bit different than other providers that you’ve seen in the past. So here’s what you can expect from us going forward:



After you’ve booked your Initial Examination with Dr. Nick or Initial Assessment with one of our Massage Therapists, you’ll receive an email with some paperwork. Please come with this completed by your first appointment along with clothes you can move in and a positive attitude. IF you need assistance, please call the clinician you’ll be working with.



At your assessment and/or examination, we’re going to work together to figure out what’s going on? What do you need our help with? What can we do for YOU? We’ll review your paperwork, perform a movement assessment (an examination if evaluated by Dr. Nick) and see if you’re a good fit for our services.



After we talk about our findings, we’ll refer you out if we don’t think our care is your best option. Otherwise, it’s time to create your treatment plan and get to work on a better you!


The Model

So how are we different from other providers? Is it our 30 minute appointments? Is it our dedicated multi-disciplinary staff? Is it magic? Here’s a little more on how we get you moving better and feeling better in our GetWell Sessions:



We have an arsenal of techniques to help put out the fire (pain) and get you on your way to feeling better and moving better. Ranging from RockTape, RockBlades, Cupping, Massage Therapy, and Chiropractic Manipulation



After we’ve calmed down the painful area, we’re going to use movement to lock in the change in range of motion, mobility, stability, and motor control.



It’s always good to check in on oneself. How do these movements feel? How do you feel after the session? Are there any obstacles coming up that might prevent you from hitting your goals?