If you’re looking for someone to just give you a “quick crack” I am NOT your guy! I believe that most injuries that I see in my clinic are from dysfunctional movement patterns. What the heck is that!?!

I believe that the human body is innately resilient and you picking up a sock off the ground or sleeping funny is just the straw the broke the camels back. My job is to decrease the pain you’re experiencing AND figuring out how the heck this happened to begin with (often this is not the site of pain!).

The Chiropractic Adjustment is just one tool in my tool box that I may use to treat you. In my practice I use a combination of modalities such as Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Techniques (RockBlades, Graston), Cupping (RockPods), RockTape, and a plethora of rehab exercises to get you moving better and living your best life as soon as possible!